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I think I might have to delete my LiveJournal...

I'll think about it some more. If I do decide to go, it's been fun talking to most of you :)

ETA: Oh insomnia, how I hate you. Anyway. I'm torn between clearing out my friends list and starting a new journal. I don't usually interact with many people on my flist so the former might be my more favoured choice.

Lol, it took me 90 minutes to think about it. I want to change my name at least but I'm not paying however much it is. Sigh.

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tom hardy


You thought 10 was an exaggeration but THERE'S ANOTHER ONE. ANOTHER ONE. Shoot me before I shoot her, lol.

This is directed at ace_p because I'm too lazy to email her.

I hope the rest of you are having a good week. And...someone actually misses my SPN parodies. Take that anonymous commenter who called me a cunt rag! I don't think I will ever write more though, haha. Quite a lot of people liked them but my head cannot take it anymore. Lol.

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tom hardy

I'm so fucking sick of your stupid shipwars.

I don't care about wincest. I don't care about destiel. I don't care about your fucking polls. STOP SPAMMING PEOPLE WITH THEM. BUILD A BOT. CHEAT. I DON'T CARE. I used to have the Wincesters backs but they're becoming very irritating. Obviously it's not all wincest fans. But whatever. I get links on my get glue and email and shit and ugh, I'm fucking fed up of it.

Just stop it.

/end rant

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so this is weird.

I was just looking at some big bang art and I wanted to comment but this person has banned me from commenting in her journal lol. And I don't think I've ever said a word to her, ever. So yeah, that's kind of bizarre lol. I've only ever banned the one person but that was because they kept on going on about how they didn't need stress in their life from me being negative blah, blah. Lol.

Anywho, I finally get to post mine tomorrow. I don't really feel nervous about it. I'm just glad that I can finally get it out of the way, lol.

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tom hardy

Dear Anonymous Commenter

Thank you for the enlightening comment on the SPN fanfiction I wrote as a joke two years ago. Clearly the word spoof means nothing to you. Also thanks for calling me a 'cunt rag'. I've been called lotsa things but that one is new! Now that you've told me to stop writing, I will consider your suggestion because your opinion means oh so much to me.


Have a nice day!

tom hardy

Fernando Sucre.

I'm chatty due to the fact that I haven't slept. I'm wide awake and so bored that I've even watched Supernatural.

And Prison Break and you know how there's always that one character who just fucking takes up valuable screen time? Fernando wins so far. He's just going on and on about Marie Cruz and Hector and ugh. C- Note has a wife & daughter. Michael has... Sarah. They don't spend the whole time whining. And then in the last ep I watched he messed up their escape, he got stuck under some tree trunk. Of course he started talking about God knows what and just pissed me off.

Talk about waste of oxygen. Two and a half more seasons of him. Ugh. Well at least Tweener is dead.

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Italy are my winners anyway.


Like Brazil before them, Spain's reign will come to an end eventually. But I still hate them and Fernando Torres (especially him).

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Bring on the premier league. My boys have some revenge to dish out this season.

Now who do I support at the Olympics. Fuck Team GB. HOW COULD THEY SNUB DAVID BECKHAM. Sure, he plays MLS football....which is like not great. But still! On the other hand I LOVE RYAN GIGGS. So. Conflicted.

Anyway. I have to pick up a package at the post office dumping ground tomorrow. Life, why are you so cruel. I'll probably get lost. :(

tom hardy

But surely this is a ridiculous idea that the writers would never implement???

Like I said the other day I've tried not to read any supernatural season 8 speculation because I really don't care. But short of deleting my LJ, my twitter and my Google account I still am going to end up reading stuff. (I'll just shoot myself when Comic Con is happening in a few weeks, unless Jared's hair is super pretty).

But I've heard some stupid ideas from fans about season 8, lol. My personal favourite is Dean going back in time to stop Bobby from being shot. What even. But anyway, the one I've heard most is the writers simply ignoring season 6 & 7 and presumably picking up where season 5 left off.

That is fucking stupid.

It's one thing for fans who hated season 6 and 7 to pretend it didn't happen. That's very nice for them. But it did happen. And you know, some people actually liked it!!! But I've heard it so many times now that I hope that the writers don't really do that. It's a. Stupid and b. Lazy, lazy, lazy!

Plus, I won't magically forget all of the shit that happened in the last two years just like that and start tweeting about how amazing the show is once again. Even if I happen to like season 8. Anyone who does shall be removed from my vicinity lol.

But maybe it's just me and my unpopular opinions all the time. Someone brought it up yesterday and I had to bite my tongue and not say anything. I probably would have yelled this entire post at them and I don't actually enjoy arguing with people most of the time. So this is my response. LOL.

Anyway, EURO 2012 final tonight. It's over. *cries*


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