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tom hardy

it seems that all i do on here is rant.

I must come across as a miserable bitch most of the time haha, odd because the other day I found myself about to post a random picture of j2 for no real reason but then I realised what I was doing and I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAT *closes window* so yeah. 

I'm here to just post this video of another stupid song that's been recorded by a relatively new boyband called One Direction. They're from last year's X Factor and I didn't like them then and I still don't.

This song made me gag. LOL

tom hardy

its not the end of the world (but I can see it from here)

 I'm too lazy to a proper end of year post lol. Let's just say that 2010 sucked. But it was an improvement on 2009. But not my much. 2009  was pretty much the worst year of my life. 

 I started watching music videos again in 2010 (I don't know why I stopped really lol but I'm starting to see why!). Here in no particular order are some of the ones that just...annoyed me.Collapse )That's just 11 out of MANY. But just ugh. Why do people bother with videos anymore? They just end up spending a shit load of money and the end result is just sheer insanity.

Or maybe I just like to bitch a lot. :D
tom hardy

I am so ashamed...

 ...I just realised that Jensen sings on 'Crazy Love' ...I am so slow...haha
It's a nice song :D

I got 'When The World Comes Down' by all american rejects yesterday...it's good.
My fave song is Gives You Hell! And Mona Lisa and Falling Apart are good.
Of course those are the three that I'd heard already :P

This hiatus sucks.