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The End: This will be the last post in this journal.

I haven't posted regularly for a while now, and I don't really care to. Nor am I really all that interested in social media anymore.

This probably sounds stupid as hell but I'm not really wired for endless conversations about which pairing is better and endlessly obsessing over people, not for what's been essentially half of my life time, or worse, WATCHING people do that! This includes being subjected to journals that insist on posting all of the tweets in full and stalking the cast via the internet and GIF-ing everything to death. And this journal is synonymous of that kind of behavior. That isn't me, and the time to move on came a while ago and I'm ready to fully accept it now. It's a strange year when you realise that your problem isn't with the show, but with the people it attracts. Don't get me wrong, it sucks balls but...I can ignore it, or choose not to watch. People on the other hand...not so easy.

So I am removing myself from the situation. I think the people who have my contact details already are the ones that need them, but I am reachable via my blog if anyone is so inclined. Thank you to everyone who commented on my posts and spoke with me. You made LJ a good place to be, for a while at least.

I hope everyone remains well and safe.


Why is Jared Padalecki still ruining my life

I'm trying to keep a very low profile in fandom and it's been working but then I found myself looking up pictures of him. AND I'M ONLY MAYBE WATCHING SEASON 8* BECAUSE OF HIM AND HIS HAIR. He's such a life ruiner.

*Hopefully the scary sideburns are better in season 8

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tom hardy


Lol, yes hi. 
  • I have been watching the mentalist from start to finish.
  • That's pretty much all i've been doing. I lead an exciting life.
  • I wanna go see the latest Mission Impossible but I keep on forgetting LOL. Oh dear.
  • Uhm. I've also started watching Sherlock. Episode 1. It was alright. Reminded me of The Mentalist a little. Which is okay I suppose.
So yeah that's it. There is probably more I could say but it's too boring. I'll save it for the blog that no one reads. Speaking of blogs! I've been busy.
  • This is what I thought of 'Time After Time After Time' (found it boring mostly, not a fan of time travel *snooze* though Jensen Ackles was looking mighty fine indeed)
  • And *spoiler* this what I think of the summary of episode 14 (not even going to write out the name...)
  • Those are supposed to humorously snarky just in case anyone wants to scream HATERS TO THE LEFT at me or anything lol. I snark with love for the first 5 seasons only.
Hope all of y'all have a good week!

oh my god what was that sentence.

Hope y'all have a good week!