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But surely this is a ridiculous idea that the writers would never implement???

Like I said the other day I've tried not to read any supernatural season 8 speculation because I really don't care. But short of deleting my LJ, my twitter and my Google account I still am going to end up reading stuff. (I'll just shoot myself when Comic Con is happening in a few weeks, unless Jared's hair is super pretty).

But I've heard some stupid ideas from fans about season 8, lol. My personal favourite is Dean going back in time to stop Bobby from being shot. What even. But anyway, the one I've heard most is the writers simply ignoring season 6 & 7 and presumably picking up where season 5 left off.

That is fucking stupid.

It's one thing for fans who hated season 6 and 7 to pretend it didn't happen. That's very nice for them. But it did happen. And you know, some people actually liked it!!! But I've heard it so many times now that I hope that the writers don't really do that. It's a. Stupid and b. Lazy, lazy, lazy!

Plus, I won't magically forget all of the shit that happened in the last two years just like that and start tweeting about how amazing the show is once again. Even if I happen to like season 8. Anyone who does shall be removed from my vicinity lol.

But maybe it's just me and my unpopular opinions all the time. Someone brought it up yesterday and I had to bite my tongue and not say anything. I probably would have yelled this entire post at them and I don't actually enjoy arguing with people most of the time. So this is my response. LOL.

Anyway, EURO 2012 final tonight. It's over. *cries*


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tom hardy

Looks like I'm not giving up on Supernatural yet...

...but I think it's more out of morbid curiosity than anything else. I've given up on other shows over less LOL. Season 7 has basically been horrible. The fact that the season finale had virtually nothing to do with the actual season (because no one actually knows what the fuck this season was about), kinda says it all. But I have zero interest in this "dean in purgatory" plot line or sam having to traipse around on his own once again, but with a soul and without a demon this time. Oh well, whatever lol. 

I did the snark thing on the last two episodes here
tom hardy

dear spn fandom: people have the right to express their opinions

The season finale was shit basically, but of course there's a good portion of people who liked it. But there are people like myself who did not like it. If you can't deal with that then by all means, fuck off. Go somewhere else where only one opinion is allowed. Don't read posts then whine about people bitching about your show. I won't be reading your crap, so don't read mine or anyone else's if it bothers you so much. 

I get into fights every year on season finale day, lol. But not this year because I'm over that shit. But if anyone starts shit with me, jessm78  or any of my other my friends, I won't hold back. 

It's the same stupid, childish shit every goddamn year. Just grow the fuck up already. 
tom hardy

Alternative career prospects for Jared and Jensen, assuming that they remain on the CW.

So, the show is moving to Wednesdays. Doesn't particularly bother me. Not sure how it's a good thing for the show like people have been assuring me. Which is hilarious because I was clearly being derisive when I noted that the wednesday show = death of SPN, but have had lots of people saying how the DVR ratings and fanbase will keep the show alive. LOL. Oh and apparently Grimm and Fringe were more tough competition than say, Criminal Minds which gets 10 million viewers per episode. Yeah, that'll be less competition. There's basically no such thing as the Friday death-slot for the CW, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. But lol, good luck next season. 

And seeing as how the show's basically crap now it got me thinking about what other shows Jared and Jensen could do when they finally wisen up and say enough is enough. After noticing that a bunch of CW actors are back this year, I figured that sticking to CW pilots would be best and I came up with 5. 

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Lol, OMFG, WE'RE SHADOWS! is my favourite one really. *snorts* As for snark for the last episode, I'm probably going to cram it in with the finale snark but I can 't not mention the Alpha Vampire saying "See you next season". It was stupid. It was horrible. The episode was bad enough without that silly line in it. I get that they probably maybe thought we wouldn't have known about the show's status by then but ughhh. I screamed "Fuck off!" at my screen, lawl. I'm classy like that.

tom hardy

I shouldn't laugh at this but...

For various reasons, this is just fucking lulzy. Unlike that picture of shirtless Clif with Jared. My eyes. 


So, yeah. Hi. Ugh, season 8 is getting 24 episodes next season. I was hoping for 13 because I seriously think that by that point I will be no longer watching the show. I can't even squee over the hair anymore, times are hard. Anywho, I'm still watching it now and I snarked about it, obviously. :D


  • Usually at this point, the writers ignore the previous 19 (or in the this case 20) episodes and decided to dramatically change the entire plot of the season due to the fact that there’s been no actual plot thus far.
  • This basically  means that they’ll bring the angels back in to fuck everything up. JUST SHOOT ME SOMEONE. PLEASE. [Read the rest HERE]
Lol this one is all over the place because the episode was so bad, so it's just me yelling about faces being punched. 

mr dimple

season 8, here we come...

You know what the most annoying thing is? All of those people who were freaking out screaming "I KNEW IT'D BE RENEWED". Everyone with a fully functioning brain knew. Oy. I'd like to hand deliver some punches to the certain faces right about now.

Anyway, I have snark from the last episode. The one with the silly title. 

...the episode starts with Sam and Dean this week and not some dumbass teenagers. Maybe they’re actually IN this episode! (SPOILER: They’re not). I don’t know what they’re really talking about and Sam’s hair looks like it’s been ironed to his skull. This does not bode well. 

Read the rest HERE

tom hardy

I finally got to see the Backstreet Boys!

So, went to see Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block on Saturday and it was so-fucking-good. I even paid to see the livestream of the concert on Sunday, lol. They're amazing, okay. Yes ace_p, I'm looking at you! My camera is a piece of shit though so I don't have the good pics or anything but the person I went with might, lol. And I'll post them for posting's sake at a later point. But well, I have like three that I saved onto my comp yesterday. My seat wasn't great. Like, all the way at the back not great. Kinda annoying because £40 is not cheap by any means and I feel like I could have gotten a better seat if I'd known the venue better. Sigh. It was a really good night though, screamed my head off, danced like a maniac. My camera footage was really sad because I kept on forgetting I was filming and my battery died. Hahaha. 

Right now I should be finshing up my spn_j2_bigbang fic.

I watched Supernatural. There will definitely be snark at some point, lol. Walking on sunshine? Really? Bleh. 

Peace out for now! Random pics below.
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7.19, of grave importance. [spoilers]

What a dismal episode. I snarked about it here. I'm not really seeing how season 8 will be any better than this season and "better than season 6" is just really lolworthy when I hear it. A show about a walking pencil would be better than season 6.

Also, I'm not really here, okay. And I'm sick and feel horrible. I hope it goes away before my concert on Saturday.
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thank you.

I was playing around on wordpress and I happened to check my stats and I saw that a few people from my flist had at least opened up the page where my snark for the last episode is. And I know that it's probably not everybody's cup of tea, so thank you for reading. And thank you for not giving me grief if you hate the posts and think I should STFU.

I can't even remember why I made the blog in the first place but it's a good way of venting. And a friend of mine bugs me for them after each episode. I also find it hilarious when I re-read them. That probably sounds bad but it just cracks me up because it's like my inner monologue transcribed. They're good fun. And I hope that you all recognise that.

So yeah, I am not sure if I ever explained this so here it is. Plus I can't sleep. LOL.

But, yeah thanks for not telling me to stop watching. x

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