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telly watching shenanigans + finally watched return of the jedi

Instead of clogging up people's pages, though I'd do this at once lol. And I don't know why but everyone I talk to seems to be quiet this week so I'm wasting time on LJ haha. I should be writing but...hey, this counts! 

Telly watching shenanigans.

Elementary. As a Mentalist fan, I didn't see any blatant similarities. There was the usual "something-bad-happened-so-i'm-going-to-start-helping-the-police" schtick. All in all it's not necessaey a bad show if you're a Sherlock fan. I've seen the first episode of the BBC version and they're very different. But I guess the web will be rife with comparisons when it airs in a couple of weeks. 

My only issue is that do CBS really need another Sherlock Holmes-type show when they already have one that works? It'll probably be a hit but I found it really boring.. The two main characters  have some chemistry together but not enough to keep me interesting. Also perhaps I'm too used to The Mentalist but the fact that the police are just in the background while Sherlock does his own thing was kinda meh.  I won't be watching it again, lol

Dallas. It aired in the UK today LOL. Never watched the original so I probably had very different expectations (or well...none). It kinda sucked. All I know is that they were all arguing about oil or something. And then the Cowboys Stadium was used at the end. Oh and the acting, the acting was not good. Maybe it gets better but I won't be watching it again.

Teen Wolf. I watched both seasons a few weeks ago. I don't think it's as good as the fans think it is but it's not bad. It's rather entertaining in a guilty pleasure kind of way. The main character Scott kinda sucks, lol. Every time he got decent he started mooning over Alison or something. The better characters are Stiles and Derek probably. Though they're both kinda underused. Bianca Lawson is on it playing someone over the age of 17, LOL. That's a new one for me. I liked the first season a lot more than the second season. 

Prison Break. Had to put it on hold. It just got too boring and ridiculous, lol. I'm midway through season 3. I'll probably get back to it later. 

Pretty Little Liars. I finally got around to watching season 2. This is probably one of the few shows that manages to deliver with every episode. Couldbe because I watch them all at once/already know what's happened though lol. It's kinda silly but it's good fun to watch. I read some season 3 spoilers and wtf. I kinda want to wait until season 3 is done before I watch more but...I might cave and catch up so I have someone to watch with haha.

Entourage: Season 1 is so short that the fact that I couldn't get through it tells me what I need to know, lol. 


Only new shows I plan on watching this fall are Arrow, Made in Jersey and Revolution. I might watch that Beauty and the Beast remake though because of how terrible it looks, haha. I'm going to try and watch all of Grimm season 1 by next week. I'm trying to stay away from Supernatural spoilers but everything I hear makes me want to get over my Jared obessiony thing and just move on. I'm kind of watching season 5 again to sort of...I don't know, give me some hope but it's not really working out lol. As for The Mentalist, the spoilers for that are both interesting and annoying. Hearing the showrunner talk about Red John is really not one of my favourite things. I'm not sick of the storyline yet but it seems like he says the same stuff every year and reading it makes it sound stupid. It's probably just me so yeah. Stay away, I shall. 

Return of the Jedi

I'm not even remotely a star wars fan but I like the movies well enough. The story isn't great, the actors aren't great. The fans are kind of OTT (sorry but...c'mon). But it's okay. Darth Vader saves Luke - hurray! That was pretty much all I got from it lol. Princess Leia and Han Solo end up battling something but I don't know what. The emperor's stormtroopers or something? Apparently I watched the 23030333th version of it so I assume that the first one was 1983 standards. I just don't get the obsession myself but okay. The most hilarious part of the movie is the end where Luke shows up at this random party their having and...we see Yoda's ghost, Obi-Wan Kenobi's ghost and....Anakin Skywalker's ghost...only...THEY ADDED IN HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN. I  was laughing for a full five minutes. To fucking funny. I can see why the fans are pissed but..that's just...hahaha. As someone who saw the first three (so the last three first) it didn't make my experience any better. I'm not sure what George Lucas' rationale was. 

Andddddddddd, last but not least. I watched The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995) and omg, CGI was so bad back then haha. Plus it kind of sucks. I watched for sort of research purposes (don't ask lol) and there's just nothing to take from it. It's one of my fave childhood movies (purely because of one of the songs I think haha) but it's just...really shit. The rangers aren't even on Earth for most of the movie. They spend 70% off-planet trying to get their power back and miracuously turn up and save the day along with some 7 year old kid or something. Bahaha. Aw, I miss the 90s. 

I should probably shut up now. 

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