Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

watched the Revolution pilot.

When I heard that Abrams and Kripke were making a show together, I was kind of like "Hmm, this could be good!". But then I watched Alcatraz and continued watching Supernatural and realised that this show was probably going to be a convulted mess or...something that would be cancelled after a season. 

The latter still stands but it's not so much convulted as it is boring. It's not all that complicated to understand but as science is kind of my thing, I needed something more substanstial. I just ended up asking a bunch of questions that this show probably won't answer. At the start one of the characters runs in and starts telling his wife that it's all going to stop. As in electricity. And sure enough it all stops. do all the cars on the highway. That makes no sense as energy is already in the car in the form of petrol/diesel. Thus none of those cars should have stopped right then at the same time. Doesn't this show have a physics/chemistry consultant? Granted it's fiction and Kripke has creative license It happened within the first five minutes. Also guns are "outlawed" so they use swords and arrows and only the "militia" are allowed to have guns. 

The acting was...well, there was nothing interesting about any of the characters apart from a few that we got to see towards the end. The main character Charlie is annoying. Her brother Danny is annoying and his acting is...ugh. There's the token nerdy guy who just happened to work at Google and wears an AC/DC shirt. There was a "romance" and it's between someone working for the bad guy (some Militia dude)/Charlie (our heroine). And on and on it went. Until Billy Burke showed up and I guess Kripke though his lines were snappy or something but it was typical "I'm a badass" schtick. This eventually lead to a scene where he took on like 15 people on his own. Sigh. Also the use of arrows is going to get old for me so fast. 

The only thing that'll make me watch the next few episodes is the last five minutes, we got a pretty decent reveal via flashbacks (oh did I mention that the present  day is "15 years" after all the electricity stopped). The last scene was pretty interesting too. 

We'll see, lol. I won't be rushing to watch each episode or anything. 

Tags: kripke, revolution, thoughts, tv

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