Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

But surely this is a ridiculous idea that the writers would never implement???

Like I said the other day I've tried not to read any supernatural season 8 speculation because I really don't care. But short of deleting my LJ, my twitter and my Google account I still am going to end up reading stuff. (I'll just shoot myself when Comic Con is happening in a few weeks, unless Jared's hair is super pretty).

But I've heard some stupid ideas from fans about season 8, lol. My personal favourite is Dean going back in time to stop Bobby from being shot. What even. But anyway, the one I've heard most is the writers simply ignoring season 6 & 7 and presumably picking up where season 5 left off.

That is fucking stupid.

It's one thing for fans who hated season 6 and 7 to pretend it didn't happen. That's very nice for them. But it did happen. And you know, some people actually liked it!!! But I've heard it so many times now that I hope that the writers don't really do that. It's a. Stupid and b. Lazy, lazy, lazy!

Plus, I won't magically forget all of the shit that happened in the last two years just like that and start tweeting about how amazing the show is once again. Even if I happen to like season 8. Anyone who does shall be removed from my vicinity lol.

But maybe it's just me and my unpopular opinions all the time. Someone brought it up yesterday and I had to bite my tongue and not say anything. I probably would have yelled this entire post at them and I don't actually enjoy arguing with people most of the time. So this is my response. LOL.

Anyway, EURO 2012 final tonight. It's over. *cries*


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