Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

Certain people need to shut the fuck up.

I really wasn’t going to do the whole complaining about SPN fans this season because it’s fucking tedious but the delightful Superwiki on Twitter stated that anyone who didn’t like Friday’s shitty (yeah I said it) episode was dead inside. Oh, really? Why don’t you go and fuck yourself. EVERYBODY has the right to dislike an episode, and I’m sorry but Superwiki is hardly objective (complete bias if we’re being honest). Honestly I’m so annoyed by the useless crap that people spout each week. I got fed up of everyone gushing about how brilliant the show is when I thought it was awful and I stopped reading. So all of you people who like to whine about how the fandom is awash with haters. Get over yourself and stick to talking to people who agree with you.

It’s not a surprise that I’ve distanced myself from fandom a lot but I hate it when someone says stupid shit to me. Superwiki was discussing the fact that Sam went to the fucking toilet for god’s sake. Ugh. Anyway yeah I was just annoyed by that. I’ve done my best not to rain on anyone else’s parade and have respected other people’s opinions (well, mostly – sometimes I have to let go and call people morons!) so I would like it if people respected mine.

And another thing, all of these “Why are you watching the show if you hate it so much?” statements flying around are just a sign of how moronic the fandom has gotten. I mean, for a bunch of fans who are so obsessed with ratings you sure do tell people to stop watching a lot. Not that I count as far as ratings go. Unless you count the fact that it’s on in June now over here (haven’t watched it consistently on TV since season 1 if I’m being honest, for unavoidable reasons). But yeah, I know that in the past I’ve said that people should stop watching but I was a moron back then. No one gets to tell me what not to watch and vice versa. I have my reasons for watching. Mmmkay?

So run along and stop asking me.

/rant over.
Tags: fandom are annoying, rant, supernatural

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