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Lol, yes hi. 
  • I have been watching the mentalist from start to finish.
  • That's pretty much all i've been doing. I lead an exciting life.
  • I wanna go see the latest Mission Impossible but I keep on forgetting LOL. Oh dear.
  • Uhm. I've also started watching Sherlock. Episode 1. It was alright. Reminded me of The Mentalist a little. Which is okay I suppose.
So yeah that's it. There is probably more I could say but it's too boring. I'll save it for the blog that no one reads. Speaking of blogs! I've been busy.
  • This is what I thought of 'Time After Time After Time' (found it boring mostly, not a fan of time travel *snooze* though Jensen Ackles was looking mighty fine indeed)
  • And *spoiler* this what I think of the summary of episode 14 (not even going to write out the name...)
  • Those are supposed to humorously snarky just in case anyone wants to scream HATERS TO THE LEFT at me or anything lol. I snark with love for the first 5 seasons only.
Hope all of y'all have a good week!

oh my god what was that sentence.

Hope y'all have a good week!

Tags: 7x12, bigbang, me, random, season 7, sherlock, snark!, spoilers, supernatural, the mentalist, time after time after time, writing is hard

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