Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

The Rise of Dick. [7x09]

Adapted from a bunch of tweets that I wrote. 
  •  The episode is called How to Bore Your Audience Senselessly, I think. It was too long for me to remember.
  • the episode summary said that they were hunting the Jersey Devil...and that Dean ate some dodgy sandwich. The CW summary writers, everyone.
  • But of course, in true Supernatural fashion there was no fucking sign of the Jersey Devil. So basically the episode was a waste of time. (I'm over the Leviathans, because they clearly have zero fucking purpose in life).
  • Highlights were 1. The head Leviathan wanting to remain away from prying eyes. So naturally, he's impersonating a very well known POLITICIAN. THE RISE OF DICK, ANYONE?!
  • 2. Leviathan punishment is apparently to eat yourself. EAT YOURSELF. And somehow the mouth manages to EAT ITSELF but not the bib. Manners!
  • 3. As if anyone with sense cares about Bobby, we had the most ridiculous end scene ever in which Sam, Dean and Bobby start running at the SAME time. Yet somehow, Bobby decided that he wanted to run in slow motion. So he did that as Dick Roman was waving a gun around.
  • Unfortunately he isn't dead yet. If I could hop around in TV universes, I'd shoot him myself. Then feed him to a doomed Leviathan. That will eat Bobby, themselves but...not their bib. That's vital. And hilarious. And cool.
  • One more thing. The director of the episode said that the whole bib being left behind was meant to be "hilarious and cool".
  • "Hilarious and cool" is obviously code for "Illogical and stoopid".
All of this JMO obviously.
Tags: 7x09, i like to bitch, season 7, supernatural, thoughts, unpopular opinion

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