Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

talk to the hand dean! [post about 7x06]

What was this episode called again? Slash Fiction, wasn't it?
  • Jensen said that he and Jared rewrote the end scene (from 3:27 onwards). I dread to think what the original was like because I laughed so hard! Awful, awful scene.
  • Dean and Sam didn't think to disguise themselves??? Really?
  • Bobby's love life....DNW. Ever. 
  • BORAX. Of course, show. Of course. 
  • I don't know Crowley or Head!Leviathan were in this episode, didn't really follow what they said. I'm sure the good parts will be in the recap of the next episode.
  • Leviathan!Dean is freaking hot.
Yeah...underwhelming episode again really. I'm still scared of the storyline where we watch Sam's sideburns evolve and mutate and take over his face. 

Tags: 7x06, slash fiction, supernatural, thoughts

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