Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

same shit, different episode. maybe I should have defended my eyeballs? (thoughts on 7.04)

Boring episode. Welcome to filler hell, brought to you by the writers of SPN.

The Good.
  • Jensen Ackes' face. He has a way of using his face to convey what Dean's saying that just gets me everytime. Kudos to him on that, it actually made the Dean/Jo scenes watchable for me.
  • Dean hitting on that bartender. It was cute to see old!Dean if you like for a few seconds there. Very out of place in this episode but it was nice.
  • OBJECTION. I laughed, anyway. 
And that was pretty much it because this episode went from not bad to pretty mediocre real fast. 

The Bad
  • Dean's secret is killing Amy? Really? That's just so fucking interesting to me.
  • The entire trial. The episode was sort of okay until this scene but it was just awful. The lighting was not great, they were in some dingy warehouse, I mean....Osirus is supposed to be a god - am I really supposed to believe that he'd do his business there? Well, I didn't.
  • Sam calling Dean as a witness. LOL. 
  • Did I mention the trial?
  • Sam who the writers assured us was having a psychotic breakdown this season was apparently well enough to run around hunting on his own after a good ol' poke at the wound on his hand. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah.
  • Bobby displays his uselessness once again. I said to anon_fan that it's seriously a waste of the flight money, lol. And I think I was the only one who rolled my eyes at his burning down. It's like it never happened, he still has all of his resources and is still there to spoon feed Sam, in this instance, and Dean. As always.
The Freaking Ridiculous.
  • The entire end scene. Sam and Dean by some roadside with beautiful scenery (they no longer try and make these realistic do they? Lol) talking about something.
  • SAM HAS NO GUILT. SERIOUSLY. And I don't even care if it's foreshadowing something that will happen later on. It was a pile of bullshit. 
  • I know we're all tired of the guilt, I am anyway but Sam having no guilt whatsoever is ridiculous. Even though he went to hell, he did a ton of stuff after that. Is hell going to be his excuse forever? 
  • IMO, Dean looked like an ass at the end of the last episode, and it was Sam's turn this time. Well played, Sera. Well played.
Hopefully next weeks will be better, but I won't hold my breath ;)

Tags: 7x04, defending your life, season 7, supernatural, thoughts

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