Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

vid: sam winchester, confusing what is real [7x01 + 7x02]

/>Yeah, so. This is embarrassing so I won't say much. LOL. Enjoy Sam's face!

to see it in normal size click here

there's been a whole lot of sam this season. so much so that this is basically a video of his face, LOL. 

title: confusing what is real
song: crawling (remix)
artist: linkin park and ?
fandom: supernatural
program used: corel videostudio prox3

summary: sam doesn't know what's real and what isn't, with dean's help he has to try and rise up from beneath the surface and know what his reality is. (in simpler words: sam's puppy face x100000000)

Spoilers for season 7, obviously. Hope you like. 

I don't own Supernatural nor do I own the song, they belong to their respective owners and no harm is intended nor is this profitable in anyway.

Thanks for watching!

Tags: hello cruel world, meet the new boss, sam winchester, season 7, supernatural, vid

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