Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

Initial thoughts on "Meet The New Boss".

Uh, yeah so all of that crap about sleeping instead of watching the premiere? That didn't work out too well. I watched 3 hours of Simon Baker beforehand to put me in a good mood and it worked, lol. I read some people's comments about the episode and it was mixed. Tip for next week: don't read anything before you watch.

I was pretty much half asleep and spent most of time laughing at Cas smiting people. That was funny. And lol, it brought up some interesting points actually. Was Cas ever good? He's killed before. Him being on Sam and Dean's side doesn't make him good, does it? So that was interesting to me...

There was a lot of stuff that I've missed so I'm going to watch again and review it properly in my own little way. But two things I am certain of: Misha''s acting. A lot of people loved it and there's bias involved there of course but idk, at the end it felt like he'd watched The Shining and imitated Jack Nicholson. And the horrible mwahahaha at the end man. Wtf, lol.

Second thing: PLEASE DON'T LET THIS ALL BE IN SAM'S HEAD. (Not that I think it is, but more later after I rewatch).

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Tags: 7.01, meet the new boss, season 7, supernatural, thoughts

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