Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

That awkward moment when Jensen Ackles "slaps you in the face" (not literally!)

....or another way in which people somehow manage to blow something out of proportion.
  • Jensen kills the giant duck - which made me kinda happy, lol as I think the duck thing is a stupid idea but lol that's not to say that Jensen doesn't like the fans because he burst a stupid inflated duck!
  • Fans get pissed and think that he hates us. LOL, yeah...sorry but really? *sigh*
  • Some other fans interepret it as a jibe to Cas fans and Misha stans because Misha rode it or whatever as is not coming back to the show/is being killed off so killing the duck was like an emphatic BYE BYE! That's reaching guys. That's reaching a looooooooooooot. 
  • Being surrounded by ducks would make me go a little crazy too! I do kinda feel sorry for the girl it apparently took 4 hours to blow the whole thing up. But I judge her for procuring a giant inflatable duck and hey, it had to come down at some point right?
So, yeah that made me LOL, don't follow cons that much but I got a kick out of that video....I just imagine that the duck was Clif. *whistles*  SO MUCH DRAMA, FANDOM.  not that I mind, gives me reasons to bitch. But hey....we're all a bunch of duckers and duckheads right? (see what Clif I did there?) other news. Writing fail. Again. I'm trying to finish my SPN fic that I started last year - I literally had like two more chapters to go and I was done with it but lol the second half of season 6 happened for whatever reasons I just can't seem to finish it. Boo. I am starting a new fic though based on an idea that came to me from the season 6 finale (which I watched properly the other day and LOL, still as ridic as the first time around and I was half asleep then). In fact I might bring my s6 blog post over to LJ soon-ish. It reads like one huge wankfest for some reason. IDK.
Tags: clif sucks, crazy fans, jensen ackles, rant, season 6, spn, writing is hard

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