Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

So this week sucked hairy balls.

What the subject says really. And today the SPN fandom was up in arms again. Over Misha, again. I wonder how many more bad "jokes" it'll take before people are like "Okay, you have a right to be upset/annoyed". But at the same time who needs people to be the judge of that?

He made a bad joke, fine - we all do it. And well, depending on what kind of person you are, you apologise and move on. All of this Misha was forced to delete the tweet crap is rubbish. He deleted it because he saw that there was something wrong with it/it upset some people.

That SHOULD be the end of the story right?

But there's always that group of people who come out with what I'd call bullshit.

"It's not rape if you're willing"
"If people don't like his sense of humour - unfollow him"
"He won't want to tweet any more if you keep this up blah blah"
"People don't have a sense of humour"

All of that is crap. Everything is allowed to think what THEY want about what he said. I don't care about YOUR sense of humor! What's that to me? And stop creating drama by saying that he might stop tweeting all together. This has happened TWICE. Stop with the dramatics!

He's a grown man, imo. When you say something you have to take what you get don't you? It's no different for him. People who have been roofied or raped certainly wouldn't find what he said funnny.

I just wish people wouldn't come out with these IMO silly statements about how people should BACK OFF. If the tables were turned the fans would be all over whoever it was.

Shooting down people who don't agree with you to boost someone else's ego is stupid.

It just pisses me off.

//rant over.

Annnnnd in other news. I have boyband syndrome again. *sad*

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Tags: boybands, misha collins, one direction, rant, twitter

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