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its not the end of the world (but I can see it from here)

 I'm too lazy to a proper end of year post lol. Let's just say that 2010 sucked. But it was an improvement on 2009. But not my much. 2009  was pretty much the worst year of my life. 

 I started watching music videos again in 2010 (I don't know why I stopped really lol but I'm starting to see why!). Here in no particular order are some of the ones that just...annoyed me.

  1. Nelly - Just A Dream. This song is okay, but the video just makes it unbearable. There's a giant car floating in the sky. As well as a giant ring. It just made me want to get a huge machine gun and shoot the fuckers down. Honestly. 
  2. Justin Bieber - Baby. I really don't like Justin Bieber but I loathe his videos even more. This one shows us Justin going after some chick who's like twice his size. And then Ludacris pops up and I was like WHY. WHY ARE YOU HERE?
  3. Whoever the fuck this song is sung by - Check It Out CHERYL COLE. WHY. AS IF THE VIDEO WASN'T BAD ENOUGH.
  4. Justin Bieber - U Smile. FIRST OF ALL. IT'S "YOU". AND SECONDLY, WHY THE FUCK DOES HE START JUMPING AROUND ON SEATS. IF I WAS THAT GIRL I'D KNOCK HIM OUT ALREADY. And the beginning. My eyes hurt from all the rolling around.
  5. California Gurls - Katy Perry It's not a Katy Perry video if she isn't shooting something from her boobs (see: Firework)
  6. Willow Smith - I Whip My Hair She's cute, yes. But I'd be more into this song if it was called I Whip My Weave. 
  7. BASICALLY ANYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH BIEBER AND WILL SMITH Now I haven't seen this movie. And I doubt I will. But I have some serious issues with Jaden Smith in this video. It's like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? He just creeped me out. And at the end him and Justin Bieber start humping each other or something.
  8. Pretty much any video/song by these guys I mean the music sucks, yes. But these videos don't help them. I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM GIVING THE CAMERA THESE LONG SOULFUL LOOKS. THAT'S WHAT PICTURES ARE FOR. 
  9. Lady Gaga and the other one - Telephone I have no words.
  10. We No Speak Americano iIOJKDJVKJVKVKKV 
  11. Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me 
That's just 11 out of MANY. But just ugh. Why do people bother with videos anymore? They just end up spending a shit load of money and the end result is just sheer insanity.

Or maybe I just like to bitch a lot. :D
Tags: 2011, i like to bitch, music, music videos, review of 2010

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