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BOOSTER SHOT? (5.07 Review)

I  had to play that scene four times before I heard what he said. *deaf sikeminatural *.
That he witch guy talked a lot. It was quite annoying. AND SAM TOTALLY WON AT POKER. The dude wins at everything….well most things.

Bobby, my heart broke for him and Dean whinging didn’t even help! I thought Sam would give some years to Bobby like, some more. But I guess he couldn’t? Old Dean was hilarious. And haha when Dean becomes Dean again and he does that jiggly dancing. IN FRONT OF BOBBY. Eejit indeed.

I wasn’t surprised that Sam went to play the game but does he suck that bad at Poker or was he just bluffing? Methinks he really was lucky. And then we had the chick who wanted the whole thing reversed…I don’t get why she came up with that spell…I mean if it was just to get her years taken away she could die why not ask they guy straight up, it was obvious that he’d do anything for her.

Bobby cracks me up. BUT USELESS HE IS NOT *pokes Bobby* I loved the end convo with him and Dean. I was bit sad that Sam had to go have his booster shot because he could have said some stuff too. They both need Bobby. But I guess for different reasons? Bobby is more of a father figure to Dean in my opinion more so than he is too Sam…

Though it would have been pretty gross if he’d eaten it…eugh.

I still wish Sam had more airtime, I know he had quite a bit in this episode. But there’s still those moments where it feels as though they just got rid of him so we could have another scene…like the booster shot. Hee Sam said “y’all” does he normally say that? It made me squee but this is the first time in a long time that I’ve watched without earphones so maybe I heard it more? I actually doubt that (see first line)

I love the guy that played old! Dean! He got it right completely…he was totally like Dean. Even when he started whinging about hell in sort of a casual tone I still believed he was Dean. Good casting call show!

HAHAHAHA. They walked in on the threesome “One of them is here for free”
Eww. And Dean looked under the covers. Ew.
“Stay Classy”
LOL Sam’s face. Oh dear. Silly boys…what did they think was going on in there? It’s not like they didn’t know where they are.

I like this episode because there was not a lot about the apocalypse. They need to fix the apocalypse shit up. People like me are confused; what is actually happening?

And we got a break from Cas as well. Thank you, show. I’m trying to work through my Cas issues. Right now I still yell shut up when he talks. *I LOVE MISHA*  But Cas is starting to piss me off. Badly.

NEXT WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK’S EPISODE! I cannot wait. And then 9 lol. Oh dear. Still not 100% with that episode…hehe.

LAB COATS *sikeminatural is on the floor*


“Well, I say Jackpot” – oh hell yes.



Oh and please watch this - I need viewsss!

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