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Free To Be You And Me (Thoughts and Ramblings)


I knew Sam would be Lucifer's vessel. I guess that was the most obvious part. The SHOCKING thing is that if Dean is supposed to be Michael's vessel and Michael is the one who can kill Lucifer then...DEAN'S GONNA KILL SAM. Or Sam's gonna kill Dean but its most likely going to be the other way. It was kind of obvious too that it wasn't Jess. But Poor Sam, he still loves her after all those years :(.

The Beginning (and the rest LOL)

Shirtless! Sam = HOT. We need more scenes like that. They're vital. V-I-T-A-L.

I LOVED that whole montage of Sam burning his IDs and getting the job in that bar while Dean is preparing for his hunt and then killing whatever. Took me a while to get the name of the song!! "Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynryd. I love it! And I love that whole scene and seriously, Sam working in a bar :O.

The chick was kinda annoying LOL, I just wanted her to leave Sam alone!! :O

Uhm....LOL at Castiel holding up the FBI badge upside down
"It's angels and demons" LOL and angel of the lord!

Dean and Cas were hilarious in this ep. I missed Sam.

Dean took Cas to a brothel or stripjoint...

Oh the look on Cas's face. Hahaha

"You don't want anytthing of the menu"

What I didn't get was how they were acting like Cas might die when clearly Rapheal could have killed him already....?? I'm confused.


Awwww when he wanted to called Dean but he called Bobby instead it was so sad. And as soon as those hunters turned up I knew something bad would go down. So they found out about, Sam and they wanted to use him against the demons instead of killing him....that is actually quite interesting. If more hunters found out what would they do? Interesting and I can't believe the actually brought demon blood to him and then shoved it down his throat. WTF. I was screaming I was like "NOOOO SPIT IT OUT!! SPIT IT OUT" LOL. and he did....but like did he ingest some? He kinda wanted to kill that hunter guy and yeah I know they attacked him but what did he expect?? Hmmmm.

And the end!! OH THE END!!!!

"It had to be you, it always had to be you"
and Lucifer says that one day Sam will say yes. Gosh, when Sam said he'd kill himself and L said he'd bring him back.....oh noes.

Lucifer is so patronising....he kept on saying he was sorry and that there was no other way....please. So Sam being at the convent was supposed to mean that he was ready to be the vessel??


This episode was amazing!! I loved the Dean and Cas scenes sfm. It sucked that Sam was all alone and Bobby too. I hope both boys come to their senses soon. BUT I'm scared for day he'll say yes.

Nooo the other way!!!

much better. Dean approves.


Oh, just call Dean!!! But....he didn't. I fake cried.

I can't believe he burnt them...hehe

AND, I thought Jared's acting was amazing. He has improved so much :D

screen caps by [info]karma_pema

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