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28 December 2012 @ 10:34 pm
So, I'm finally caught up with Supernatural.  
Da fuck was that last episode? None of it made any sense to me whatsoever. I'm not even trying to be funny here. Aren't mid-season finales supposed to leave me wanting more or..I don't know, wondering what the hell was going to happen next? I tried to give ace_of_spades6 an abridged version of it but she couldn't make any sense of it either. But that's probably because she hasn't seen it and I of course couldn't make any sense of it in the first place. Haha. 

Oh well. Here are my recaps for episodes 4-9. Please don't take any of them too seriously, I certainly don't :) I mean, I'm probably the only person who watches and roots for the bad guy (whenever I can actually make out who that is). Well me and my friend anyway, lol. One person agrees with me at least! Huzzah!

On another note, I'm almost caught up with Person Of Interest. ;_______; I'm gonna start watching it weekly/whenever it's on and I seriously hope that it doesn't disappoint. But it's been good so far. :)

I hope you guys have a good weekend. It still doesn't feel like Friday to me!

Leaving this public because there's nothing personal here, but I see those spam comments are back....ugh. Looks like LJ are deleting them though? Idk. ALSO IS IT ME OR DOES LJ KEEP ON DELETING RANDOM LETTERS IN POSTS?!!!
Current Mood: boredbored
pizza queen: Dean/Sam/like the darkness is the lightace_of_spades6 on December 29th, 2012 01:38 am (UTC)
LOL please I love you omg ♥
Batgirl: o-face.sikeminatural on December 29th, 2012 02:15 am (UTC)