Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

watched the episode the day after it aired for once.

And clearly this is a mistake that I won't be repeating again, lol. Only watched it early because I'll be busy over the weekend, it's not even a recap or anything,  I just got annoyed and started ranting because I could barely remember one minute of the episode. 

Why are they tanning Jensen so much this season? He looks browner in each ep. Maybe it's cause this one was filmed first but it was distracting in a i'm-noticing-pointless-shit-because-this-episode-sucks-kind-of-way.

Now for sleep because I have to be up at 8.30 because I need money! \o/

ETA: Watched Arrow and it was actually really good. The main guy is really wooden but somehow it's not distracting. And the guy from James Bond is in it. Looks like I'm watching that this season. 

Tags: 8x03, heartache, season 8, snark!, supernatural, wtf

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