Batgirl (sikeminatural) wrote,

SPN 8x02, from my snarky perspective.

I'm honestly confused by those people who were sobbing about Castiel's heartbreak LOL. The amount of Destiel fanservice in the episode was actually ridiculous. Mostly everything about this episode was ridiculous. Thor's hammer, for god's sake. 

Anyway: 8x02 recappy-review-thing

Also....what's with this "Season GR8" crap? LOL. I just can't. I mean, yeah sure you like the season. That's nice and all, but last time I checked the average age of the fandom wasn't 11. *facepalm*

Hope that you all had a better weekend than I did. My throat hurts and I'm sneezing. WHY. 

Tags: 8x02, destiel, jensen ackles, snark!, supernatural, thoughts, what's up tiger mommy

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